Holiday Inn Athens

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The 5-star Holiday Inn is conveniently located near the busy Athens Airport, with 193 rooms and suites, a large swimming pool, commercial kitchen and more. The hot environment together with high guest traffic lead to high energy bills, which the hotel management was eager to reduce with an effective retrofit system.

After weighing several alternatives, the hotel management decided to invest in the Hydra Air, with maintenance provided by Phoebus Energy Greece. They system was installed in the summer of 2010, bringing immediate savings, and dramatically reducing both local and global emissions.

Annual Figures

Water heating fuel consumption 240,000 liters
Heating costs (before) €240,000
Heating costs (after) €68,000

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Additional Info

Uses of heat energy

Showers, pool, indoor space, commercial kitchen

Installed system

Hydra Air, 252 kW

Date of installation

October 2010

Annual % Diesel fuel reduction


Annual pollution reduction (Global)

Global: CO2 320,000 kg

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Thermal Energy (kWh)

EURO Savings

% of savings

CO2 Reduction (tons)

Thermal Energy (kWh)

EURO Savings

% of savings

CO2 Emissions (tons)

Hydra Balance was installed in our Crown Plaza Athens after a successful installation in the Holiday Inn Attica in Athens. It brought significant savings to both 5-star hotels and the real-time website interface provides very useful data, far superior to any competing systems. At the Holiday Inn, we cut our related energy expenses by 59%, amounting to savings of €378,000 since installation.

- Mr. Yani Keskinoglou , Technical Manager

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