Royal Beach Tel Aviv

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The luxurious Royal Beach Tel Aviv hotel is located along the coastline and features 230 fancy rooms, a spa with saunas, a large heated pool, a restaurant, among additional amenities. The 5-star hotel was opened for business in 2013.

With hot Mediterranean weather and consequently high year-round energy consumption, the hotel was seeking a way to reduce its energy costs. The hotel management decided on the Hydra Balance as its solution. The system was installed in August, 2015 – bringing immediate savings and pollution reduction.

Annual Figures

Water heating diesel fuel consumption 144,000 liter
Heating costs (before) $190,000
Heating costs (after) $44,000

* All figures reflect results for the first 6 months post-installation.

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Additional Info

Uses of heat energy

Showers, outdoor pool, indoor space, kitchen

Installed system

Hydra Balance, 250kW

Date of installation

August 2015

Annual % Diesel fuel reduction


Annual pollution reduction (Global)

Global: 200,000 kg

Local: 9,000,000 gr
SOx 590,000 gr
CO 1,800,000 gr
PM 630,000 gr

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Thermal Energy (kWh)

NIS Savings

% of savings

CO2 Reduction (tons)

Thermal Energy (kWh)

NIS Savings

% of savings

CO2 Emissions (tons)