Sheraton Puerto Rico

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The Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino is a 4 stars hotel situated in Puerto Rico in the Convention Center District of San Juan. The Hotel has 503 rooms and suites, a commercial kitchen, a fitness center and an outdoor heated pool. All users directly influence the Hotel’s heat consumption throughout the year.

For some time, the hotel management has been seeking a way to reduce its energy costs and emissions, without needing to replace any of its existing water-heating systems. For this purpose, the Hydra Balance was finally selected to be installed in September, 2015.

Additional Info

Uses of heat energy

Showers, outdoor heated pool, sports center, indoor space, kitchen

Installed system

Hydra Balance, 200kW

Date of installation

September 2015

Annual % Diesel fuel reduction


Annual pollution reduction (Global)

Global: CO2 100,000 kg

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Thermal Energy (kWh)

US Dollar Savings

% of savings

CO2 Reduction (tons)

Thermal Energy (kWh)

US Dollar Savings

% of savings

CO2 Emissions (tons)

We're very pleased with the recent installation of Hydra Balance by Phoebus Energy.
From the moment the system started operating, we noticed a big drop in our boiler usage, which translates to a reduction of costs and pollutants.

- Mr. Ivan Alsina , Sheraton Hotel & Casino Puerto Rico

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