Sheraton Tel Aviv



Situated in a prime beachfront location overlooking the Tel Aviv promenade, the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel boasts 313 rooms with full facilities, including a large outdoor pool, 15 meeting rooms, commercial kitchen, and more. With year-round high energy consumption, the hotel was suffering from increasingly high fuel costs.

After an extensive search for the most sustainable and effective energy-saving solution, Hydra Balance was chosen to help restrain energy costs while reducing overall emissions.

Annual Figures

Water heating fuel consumption 100,000 liters
Heating costs (before) $130,000
Heating costs (after) $27,000

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Additional Info

Uses of heat energy

Showers, outdoor pool, sports center, indoor space

Installed system

Hydra Balance, 125kW

Date of installation

March 2014

Annual % Diesel fuel reduction


Annual pollution reduction (Global)

Global: CO2 64,700 kg

Local: NOx 5,800,000 gr
SOx 380,000 gr
CO 1,250,000 gr
PM 408,000 gr

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Thermal Energy (kWh)

NIS Savings

% of savings

CO2 Reduction (tons)

Thermal Energy (kWh)

NIS Savings

% of savings

CO2 Emissions (tons)

By implementing the Hydra Balance system by Phoebus Energy, we've reduced yearly pollution by 64 tons and costs by 79%. The results exceeded our expectations and support the Starwood 30/20 by 20 environmental goals.

- Eran Zohar , Director of Engineering, Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel

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