Hydra Unus

Innovation in Action Hydra UNUS

We at Phoebus Energy are passionate about crafting intelligent, eco-friendly, energy-saving technologies.  This Innovative passion and our clients’ needs led us to develop Hydra Unus(one in Latin). Hydra Unus is an innovative and unique solution that addresses all commercial facilities’ water heating, cooling systems, and air conditioning.

Significant Energy Saving

Hydra Unus is a unique heating and cooling system designed for commercial facilities that operate central air conditioning systems year round. Equipped with a self-contained water heat pump, it utilizes the thermal energy discharged from existing air-conditioning systems to heat water used in showers, pools and kitchens.

Real-time Optimization

Controlled by an advanced cloud-based 24/7 central server, Hydra Unus system collects data every 60 seconds. Smart algorithms then process the real-time usage data – optimizing energy consumption by deciding how to produce the required at the lowest possible cost.

More Sustainable Energy Cycle

Hot water in commercial facilities is normally supplied via central boilers powered by fossil fuels (Diesel, Natural Gas, and LPG), while air cooling is supplied by electric chillers. Hydra Unus efficiently creates energy out of the difference in temperature between water flowing in and out of those systems. This additional energy is then used to heat water – reducing operation time of the more costly and polluting boilers.

Hybrid Energy Efficiency

Hydra Unus uses smart algorithms optimized for energy conservation. Data on energy consumption and water usage is collected every 60 seconds. The smart algorithms then process real-time and historical data to decide how to heat the required amount of water at the lowest possible cost.

Taking Contorl of all Your Energy Needs

Hydra Unus friendly dashboard displays useful real-time and historical monitoring data for staying up to date on your energy and water consumption and savings. Customizable and ready-made reports help gain more insight in any selected time frame. Enjoy all the control and features in a single centralized dashboard.


  • Cut energy costs
    Saves 50-70% on heating and cooling expenses
  • Go green
    Reduces local and global pollution by up to 80%
  • Easy to install
    Retrofit solution works with existing heating and cooling systems
  • Quick ROI
    Immediate savings from day one of operation

Key Features

  • Remote 24/7 access
    Real-time monitoring of on-site temperature, electrical consumption, water usage, heating oil/gas usage, efficiency and savings achieved.
  • Active optimization
    Cloud-based software intelligently optimizes energy consumption based on collected real-time data.
  • Report generation
    Powerful statistics for in-depth analysis of historical and real-time data in Excel or HTML formats.

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